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Investigative Engineers


BSC Forensics provides a unique, service-oriented approach to investigative engineering services. BSC Forensic engineering experts have in-depth knowledge of how structures, foundations and exterior cladding systems perform in high winds, floods, hail storms, snow, and earthquakes. Our investigative engineers have extensive experience in structural design and forensic engineering in all parts of the country, including: high-wind regions, high-seismic zones, flood/storm surge areas, as well as various other weather-prone regions. Our investigative engineering experts understand performance over long periods of weathering and/or deterioration. Differentiating between the aforementioned causes requires the experience of qualified experts like those at BSC Forensics. Click the following link for a detailed list of our services…


BSC Forensics values and respects the interests of all parties involved in the claims process by providing fair and unbiased opinions. Moreover, we emphasize expedited reporting so that all parties can move forward quickly. BSC Forensics performs scoped tasks using sound communication, integrity and an honest appreciation for the claims process, regardless of the outcome. Our proprietary systems allow BSC to respond faster with an unprecedented level of quality assurance and quality control.

Proprietary Systems
Fact-based Reporting
Unparalleled Communication
Quick Turnaround Times