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Agricultural Loss Investigations

Agricultural Loss Investigations

BSC’s experts have extensive experience investigating a wide range of agricultural losses, including those at egg farms, wind farms, food processing plants, and oil and gas facilities. BSC’s experts have also investigated equipment breakdown and failure losses, as well as personal injuries related to the aforementioned items. There are many things to consider with agricultural losses, including cost/benefit analysis on repairs to minimize facility downtime and restore operations in a timely manner.

BSC’s technological advances lead the industry and provide our experts with the ability to act quickly and provide responses to tough questions faster and more accurately. This results in the right information being in the hands of the decision-makers at the right time. BSC’s founder, Jarrod C. Burns, M.S., P.E., stated, “Agricultural losses have a tremendous impact on the affected businesses. It is not uncommon for expert teams to slowly investigate such losses while juggling several other losses at the same time. The traditional process can take weeks, if not months, and limits the ability of the insurer and the facility operator/owner to make decisions that are in the best interest of the business operation. BSC’s technology and overall organizational structure bypass the traditional bottlenecks in the investigative process and allow BSC to be an instrumental part of solutions early in the process, oftentimes bypassing temporary measures in favor of a final solution that might not be considered by another expert service. Many of our clients know this, and they trust us for agricultural losses, simply because they know that they cannot get the level of service that we provide from anyone else.”

An Educated Listener

When business downtime is a concern, as it always is for the owner of a facility, having the right expert who listens to operational aspects of the business and understands those operational aspects is key to finding a resolution that works for everyone. BSC calls this “the educated listener”; and that fundamental principle is key to a successful resolution of any agricultural loss. Specifically, a solution that only focuses on financials without considering the indirect effects of decisions made early in the process may inadvertently increase the overall cost of a loss. An educated listener, however, will listen to and learn about the operations of the facility, find out what is important to the end user’s business functions, and develop solutions – both temporary and permanent – that will allow the facility to operate at its maximum capacity regardless of the loss. Solutions of that nature require an expert who understands agricultural business and agricultural losses.

Our founder, Jarrod C Burns M.S., P.E., is the grandson of farmers and the nephew of one of the only dynamite agricultural dynamite retailers in the Midwestern United States. Another of his grandfathers operated an agricultural barge facility for more than 20 years; and his family still owns an active farm in the Mississippi River Delta of Southeast Arkansas. Agriculture runs in his family, all the way back to the naming of Grimes County Texas, which was named after his maternal family surname.

He stated, “Agriculture is near and dear to my family; and some of my fondest childhood memories include blowing at beaver dam for irrigation in the spring or turning on the well to the rice fields at my family farm. The type of experiences one gains from growing up in an agricultural family can’t be taught and allow for a unique perspective on agricultural losses. And Mr. Burns is not the only one. Other employees at BSC still have operating family farms in the Midwest and have similar experiences to his. Mr. Burns stated, “We’re excited to be a valued resource for our clients and to bring experience that can’t be bought.”

When you need help with agricultural loss investigations think BSC Forensics, Because Speed & Content matter!