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Fire Damage Assessments

Our founder spent a portion of his career managing the design of fire suppression systems in government-regulated port buildings. This unique experience provides BSC with an invaluable resource when code upgrades are a consideration after a fire event.
BSC has extensive experience evaluating the extent of fire, smoke, and extinguishing water damage.
Often, structural elements of a building are exposed to heat, smoke, and water during the course of a fire event. BSC can identify elements that require replacement or repair and conversely, those that can be salvaged or that may remain in service.

Fire Investigations (Cause & Origin) by BSC Fire Services, LLC is part of the BSC Forensics group of companies. BSC has 5 Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators (C.F.E.I.):

Anthony Wm. Flynn, CFEI, CFI, CIH, P.E.
Frank D. Poag, CFEI, PE and
Gregory E. Thornton, CFEI,